Stormwater Pump Maintenance

The management of stormwater pumps is essential for developing new building areas and preventing damage in established residential areas. In addition, having the correct stormwater maintenance system in place will help create an efficient system that can redirect runoff and meet the heavy dependence communities have on stormwater systems. 

Why is Stormwater Maintenance Important?

In urban areas, stormwater often falls onto surfaces that can't absorb water, which can build up in heavy or continuous rain periods. This rain will run off into streets, roads, gutter and other surfaces, collecting pollutants and debris as it travels through to the local stormwater system. If not treated properly (which is the role of stormwater systems), these pollutants that have been picked up from the urban environment will impact your community and the wider environment. 
By ensuring your stormwater system is running at its highest capacity with no damage or blockages, you can achieve the following things:

  • Reduced flooding risk. Stormwater systems are created to direct runoff away from buildings and fragile environments to prevent water from pooling in urban areas where it can't be absorbed. A well-maintained system will be able to manage excessive water levels to avoid the risk of flooding in severe and moderate flooding conditions. 
  • Prevent erosion. Having the proper drainage in your stormwater system can prevent water from travelling at fast and potentially dangerous speeds in your waterways. While it may not seem like a huge issue, rapidly gushing waters can increase the likelihood of erosion. This can become hazardous when rivers and streams flood as they can see their banks' deterioration. 
  • Improve water quality. Stormwater systems can prevent excessive pollutants from making their way into local waterways. This is an essential function in metro areas where chemicals, pesticides, oil, and debris in waterways are common. 
  • Prevent damage to local infrastructures. When pipes are overloaded with stormwater, leaks and further damage can be created for residential homes and commercial spaces. These excessive amounts of water can also increase the wear on roads and other surfaces. 

Servicing Your Stormwater Pumps

Your stormwater pumps should be serviced approximately every 1000 hours of operational use. There are a lot of parts on a stormwater pump station, which all require periodic attention to check their condition. Some areas that should be accessed include:

  • Check the physical condition of your whole system to ensure no screws or parts are unsecured or damaged. 
  • Examine the internal areas of your pump, including the impeller, seals, bearings, valves and volute. This is important as the condition of your pump can only really be shown when evaluating the pump's internal systems. 
  • Access all connecting pipework for excessive wear or damage. 
  • Check all electrical components for wear and quality condition.
  • You should also check all safeguards are operating correctly and that all emergency warning systems are in tack and working.

This is a fundamental overview of the servicing process of your stormwater pump; it's important to note that different companies will complete services slightly differently. If you have any more questions about the maintenance needs of your stormwater system, contact our team. 

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