Grundfos Pumps

When looking for a high-quality pump that can offer your business a sense of reliability, many industry experts turn to Grundfos pumps. Offering a simplified solution for large operations, this Denmark based company have created a reliable range of pumps that are recognized worldwide. 

Who is Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos was established in 1945 in Denmark and has since grown to represent more than 100 companies in over 60 countries. Grundfos Pumps is classified as a premium brand in the pumping industry, providing a reliable range of technically advanced pumps that are easy to install and efficient to create high-quality pumping solutions for a range of applications. 

Pumps On Offer at Pumps2You

At Pumps2You, we offer a range of Grundfos pumping systems for all industries and applications. Some popular Grundfos products include; 

Grundfos PM RAIN Controller Rainwater Switchover PMR 240V

The Controller Rainwater Switchover is a harvesting device that ensures all collected rainwater is filtered to be re-used for drinking water and other domestic applications. It has an automatic feature that will start when the pump senses demand and will switch over between main water lines when the fluid levels in your rainwater tank are low or in the case of an electrical failure. Like all Grundfos pumps, it features easy installation requirements, dry run protection and an adjustable cut-in pressure. Offering a high powered and efficient domestic pumping system. 

Grundfos APG 50.92.3 Large Submersible Grinder Pump 9.2KW 415V

The Large Submersible Grinder Pump is a compact model that works suitably for temporary and permanent installation. Working ideally for sewage and wastewater applications, this pump has been specifically designed to meet the pressurized pumping levels needed and handle wastewater that contains destructible solids. This pump also comes with a cutter system that cuts these destructible solids into smaller pieces which can be led down smaller pipes. Available with or without a control box, these pumps can provide a higher level of efficiency for the harsh conditions seen in wastewater and sewage industries.

Grundfos UPS40-120 F Cast Iron Circulator Pump 470W 240V

Ideal for circulating domestic and commercial hot water systems, the Cast Iron Circulator Pump has been designed and tested to deal with a range of settings seen in central heating systems. With a ceramic shaft, corrosion-resistant impeller and cast iron pump housing, the Cast Iron Circulator Pump will be able to withstand the changing temperatures within its system without any fear of damage or gradual decay. Designed with a three-speed control, this pump system can reliably retain water from -10°C to more than 120°C, offering a versatile heating system that can service a large volume of users. 

The Best Pumping Systems in Australia

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