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Davey pumps are renowned for being incredibly robust and durable. The global brand has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing quality products, resulting in an impressive catalogue of products for every application, from water transfer to treatment and filtration.

Pumps2You is proud to be an authorised supplier of Davey pump solutions in Australia. Many of the products in our range have received multiple awards for product excellence and innovation. They have also been built and tested to pass Australia's strict standards and provide service in the most testing working conditions. Since Davey only uses the highest quality materials, all the pumps ensure smooth operations and reliable performance.

A Wide Range of Pump Solutions

Davey offers a wide selection of domestic and commercial pumps, covering a range of applications from water filtration and treatment to stock watering and wash down. Our range of Davey pumps for sale are responsible for water transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration. Whether it's protection from fires or achieving healthy drinking water, Davey pumps has a solution for you.

  • Home Pressure Systems - Davey has a wide range of high quality home pressure systems that suit virtually every home, business and budget. For smaller systems up to 35 litres per minute, the Davey Jet Pump Home Pressure System is an excellent and robust choice. For larger systems that require higher flow and pressure, the M Series pumps with its choice of control systems are the perfect fit.
  • Water Filtration and Treatment - Davey's Filterpure® & Steriflo® systems provide safe, clean and healthy water without using chemicals. Wherever you get your water for your property, be it rainwater, mains water, bore or even dam water, there's a Davey water filtration and treatment system for you.
  • Farm and Commercial Systems - Our range of Davey pumps online include quality Australian-made surface mounted shallow well pumps and pressure systems that are ideal for supplying high pressure water garden sprinklers as well as wash down and stock watering applications.
  • Rainwater Harvesting - Davey's RainBank®is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting that's convenient, environmentally friendly, easy to install and safe for all domestic applications.

Contact Pumps2You today for all of your Davey pump needs. As atrusted Davey pump suppliers, we offer Australia-wide delivery for all of the products in our range. When you order from us, we ensure you will receive high quality solutions from industry-leading manufacturers.Remember, even if it isn’t listed on the website, we may still be able to help you with a replacement or equivalent.


Pumps2you use third party contractors to deliver its products to our customers. Below information is the approximate delivery time frame. Please note, as we don't deliver the pumps ourselves we can't guarantee these times or that the courier companies will deliver to your actual address, they may deliver to somewhere nearby such as a local depot, post office, service centre or general store.

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide 1-5
business days after dispatch
Newcastle, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, 2-6
business days after dispatch
Perth, Hobart, Darwin 3-8
business days after dispatch
Non Metro
business days after dispatch
Non Metro
business days after dispatch
Far North WA, Far North QLD and NT 7-16
business days after dispatch

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