Product Spotlight: Zenit Pumps

Many industry experts turn to Zenit pumps when looking for a high-quality pump. Designing pumps through research and development, the Zenit range provides a sense of reliability with long-term pumping solutions for many industry leaders.  

Zenit Pumps

Zenit ranks among the top global brands in designing and manufacturing innovative water treatment technologies. They research, develop and market safe and innovative pump solutions that improve the work and quality of life of the people using them. Thanks to the experience and knowledge the company has acquired over the years, Zenit Pumps are built to meet the most demanding needs in both domestic and industrial use. Furthermore, all of the solutions from Zenit Pumps are based on environmentally sustainable production processes to ensure years of environmentally friendly operation. 

Zenit Grinder Pumps

Pumps2You carries the Zenit GR Blue PRO series. These pump systems are ideal for unstrained civil wastewaters, including those containing fibres or filaments. The electric pumps are suitable for both professional and domestic use. The pumps feature ergonomic lifting handles, cable gland systems, motor and electrical equipment, mechanical seals, oil sumps and revolving cutters.
This Zenit Grinder pump comes equipped with a high head cast iron impeller and cutter with 69,000 cuts per minute. Designed with an intake cutting system made of steel plates and a triangular rotary cutter, this pump can cut fibres and stringy bodies to assure a smooth pump function.

Zenit Drainage & Wastewater Pumps

Pumps2You carry the DR-Steel drainage pump series, ideal for clean water containing solid particles up to 12mm. It's suitable for draining rooms, emptying tanks and rainwater collection, and water from ponds, pits, and streams.
We also have the AP BluePRO range, commonly used for clear wastewater, seepage and rainwater containing small amounts of sand. The high manometric head of the pumps makes them ideal for decorative fountains and creating water features.

Zenit Sewage Pumps

For sewage and soiled biological wastewaters, the DG Blue pump systems from Zenit are an excellent choice. They're suitable for domestic and residential applications and can be used with soiled biological wastewater. 
Zenit's range of sewage pumps includes a patented sealing system that incorporates a dual silicon carbide alumina mechanical seal in an oil bath, which will ensure a longer seal life for pumps in highly demanding settings such as sewage systems.

The Best Pumping Systems in Australia

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