A Guide to DAB Pumps?

DAB Pumps have been making a name for themselves in the water management industry for more than 45 years and Pumps 2 You is proud to be a part of their development in Australia.

Founded in Northern Italy in 1975, DAB Pumps has grown to employ 1800 people worldwide, offering water management products and services in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. 

DAB Group CEO Sandro Stramare says his company’s products stick to values of simplicity and efficiency, and that they will always seek to speak their customers’ language. 

Hence, Pumps 2 You has welcomed a wide range of DAB products such as drainage pumps, borehole pumps, hot water circulators, pump accessories, and more.

Check out the rest of this blog and get to know how DAB might be the answer to your pumping problems.

Residential Applications

Pumps 2 You loves DAB pressurisation systems such as the DAB-ESYBOX because they’re ideal for domestic and residential properties. 

This 1.55kW variable speed pressure system can supply water to houses and small apartment complexes up to 6 storeys and a maximum of 9 apartments. 

The ESYBOX’s quiet nature is also a great feature for residential applications where quiet operation is key - producing approximately 45dB in standard use.

Before even placing a wall between the house and the system, this puts it somewhere between the noise level of a quiet library and moderate rainfall.

Commercial Applications

Whether you’re pumping drinking water to schools, hotels, or office buildings; or if you’re pumping wastewater away from these places, DAB will have you covered. 

The DAB-132MP-18V Cast Iron Jet Pump with pressure switch is a steadfast example of DAB’s manufacturing prowess. 

This surface mounted machine has a flow rate of 80L/min and a maximum head of 40m, making it suitable for the boosting of domestic systems, as well as agricultural and gardening applications. But the 18L Reflex Tank takes the pump to another level and brings commercial applications into the picture. 

DAB has developed its commercial pumps from a background of fire suppression systems where quality standards are paramount, so owners can be sure that opting for DAB won’t come with any buyer’s remorse. 

Agricultural Applications

If you’re supplying water to small-scale agricultural, gardening, or industrial sites, the DAB-300MP Cast Iron Jet Pump is sure to fill your bucket. 

This tough self-priming centrifugal pump has intense suction capacity even when there are air bubbles and small particles of sand in the water.

With a 175L/min flow rate and a max head of 51m, your small farm is sure to stay well hydrated at all times. But if you do need an extra burst, we also sell pressure tanks separately so that no one is left high and dry. 

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