They’re kept out of sight, but water pumps are at the heart of any functioning home.

All of your taps, showers, toilets, fridges and air conditioning benefit from the power of pumps and the water’s route to reach them includes pumps just the same.

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In this blog, we give you an insight into domestic pumps and their essential nature to comfortable home living.

Types Of Domestic Pumps

The most common type of domestic pump is the centrifugal pump, which uses an electric motor to pump water to where it needs to go.

Water is injected into the impellers of the circular pump and the rotation of the blades forces water outwards, around the circumference of the pump, and exits along the succeeding plumbing.

Due to the centrifugal pump’s impellers, it is best suited to water without impurities such as that from mains water supply, fire protection systems and flood drainage.

Without all these integral systems, no home would be able to function safely or efficiently.

Submersible pumps are another common domestic pump, as they’re useful in draining flooded areas or moving sewage from septic tanks.

The general function of a submersible pump is to move water sourced deeper than the suction limit for surface pumps. This varies from 7-8m at sea level and shallower at higher elevations.

Like centrifugal pumps, submersibles require a power source to function, such as mains electricity.

Transfer pumps are typically used to fill water storage tanks. If you use multiple water tanks at the same time at home, you may need to transfer water from one tank to another - for instance, from an underground tank to a roof tank.

If you’re in the market for a transfer pump, Grundfos recommends choosing the SCALA2, JET pump, or SCALA1 – the former offering a low noise-level and robustness for outdoors installations.

Variable speed drive pumps are highly recommended around the home as they only switch on when they’re needed, saving valuable power. This is important because up to 90% of pump costs come from energy consumption.

The self-priming SCALA2 can also be used as a variable speed drive pump, allowing use from both above and below ground water sources while the water-cooled motor ensures quiet operation.

The Common Factor

One similarity between all three pumps is that they are powered by electricity.

Power is supplied via your home’s switchboard to the pump’s transformer, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This allows the blades of the pump to move, forcing the water along its path.

Most of the Grundfos pumps supplied by Pumps 2 You are 240V and use between 0.5 to 1.9KW.

The Best Pumping Systems in Australia

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