A Guide to Lowara Pumps

Lowara is one of many water management brands owned by European manufacturer Xylem and the Lowara name has become synonymous with innovation, quality and longevity across industries.

The Lowara centrifugal pump range is just one of many famous brands supplied by Pumps 2 You with Australia-wide delivery. 

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Xylem: The Parent Company

If you’re in an industry that calls for reliable pumps and you haven’t heard of Xylem: it’s about time that you learned.

Xylem’s 25 different brands operate in 150 countries and rake in more than US$5 billion per year, with Lowara playing a small but significant part in this multinational masterpiece. 

All of these brands have their own specialization, from sensors and instrumentation, to wastewater treatment equipment, and of course, pumps. 

With such a breadth of expertise and support behind it – thanks to over 17,000 employees worldwide – it can be assured that any Xylem brand will be developed and manufactured with high quality. 

Lowara: A Purposeful Pump

Already renowned in Europe for powering an impressive portfolio of projects, Lowara pumps are now making similar moves on Australian soil. 

The burgeoning brand designs and manufactures pumps for both industrial and residential applications and Pumps 2 You is proud to be an authorized Lowara pump supplier in Australia. 

Lowara water pressure systems are made in line with Australian standards using the highest quality components. They’re also supplied with the toughest tanks on the market using corrosion resistant, efficient and economical water pressure systems. 

As Lowara trusted pumps distributor in Australia, Pumps 2 You also carries the HMS series, which include general purpose, multistage pumps that are suited to residential and industrial applications with clean liquids. 

They are ideal for water circulation and transfer, water supply, irrigation and pressure boosting. They operate quietly and can be used with relatively aggressive liquids while adhering to AS/NZ 4020 standards.

As an example of Xylem and Lowara’s innovation, Pumps 2 You supplies the Lowara AcquaSaver mains diversion valve. This ¾-inch valve hydraulically and automatically regulates mains-to-rainwater changeover. The AcquaSaver is ideal for rainwater harvesting as it switches from mains to tank water whenever the latter is available and automatically defaults to mains in the event of a power or pump failure. 

To learn more about the power and innovation of Lowara pumps, get in touch with Pumps 2 You. We have all the expertise you need to find the right pump for you. No matter the brand, no matter the application. We’re sure to pump the answer to you in no time.