When selecting something as integral as a pump for your operations, you want to be sure that your system will be reliable for a long time. Pumps cost time and money to replace and maintain, and any downtime in pumping can have detrimental flow on effects for the wider area regardless of application.

That’s why Southern Cross water pumps have been relied upon across Australia and New Zealand since the start of the 20th-century.

Such longevity in the industry has proven the company’s worth and their expertise in manufacturing heavy-duty pressure pumps really stands out amongst a flooded competition.

This blog highlights why you might opt for Southern Cross water pumps next time you’re in the market.

A Wide Range of Applications

Southern Cross is established as one of the most recognisable names in the supply and storage of water for the agricultural, municipal, industrial, infrastructure, fire and mining industries. Many, if not all of these industries are well-known for having stringent regulation on safety and productivity, demanding only the best from each piece of equipment.

To lessen further downtime in the event of a pump replacement, Pumps 2 You is able to deliver Australia-wide. We use third party contractors to get the job done and estimated delivery times for all regions can be found here.

The CBI Range

While Southern Cross has three different pump ranges – the AQ Series, CBI, and transfer pumps – Pumps 2 You supplies the CBI range, with more than a dozen options available.

Southern Cross CBI pumps are best suited to domestic, agricultural and light industrial applications, while also being useful for heating, cooling and potable water systems.

The automatic water pressure systems in the CBI range are supplied with either an electronic hydraulic controller (Press Control) or an anti-corrosion pressure tank with butyl diaphragm.

The difference between the two is that the former allows for greater pressure and flow control. Press Control eliminates cycling and safeguards against dry running for total pump protection, while also saving space by removing the need for a pressure tank.

Reliable Materials

You don’t maintain a highly regarded pump manufacturing business without sturdy construction. That’s why Southern Cross pumps are built using 304 and 431 stainless steels. These materials, composed of chromium and nickel, are both recognised for their resistance to corrosion. The latter is commonly used in marine hardware, nuts and bolts, propeller shafts and pump shafts. Hence, Southern Cross is confident in its use for Australian pump applications.

Using these materials, all CBI pumps can operate with ambient and liquid temperatures up to 40°C, ensuring your operation is flowing all day long.

The Best Pumping Systems in Australia

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