What Should I Look For in a Fire Fighting Pump?

At Pumps2You we offer a wide range of water pump solutions, such as stormwater pumps, seawater pumps and wastewater pumps.

However, one of the most important water pump systems we have on offer is our fire fighting pumps designed to support fire fighting operations.

Fire fighting pumps ensure that property owners and firefighters are able to properly distribute water when and where it matters most. For this reason, the pump must be high quality and reliable, so fires can be safely put out with minimal risk to life and nearby buildings and infrastructure.

So, what should you look for when choosing a fire fighting pump? Let’s run through the key characteristics.

Must-Have Features in Fire Fighting Pumps

Since fire fighting pumps are so important to protecting others, failure is not an option. When searching for the perfect fire fighting pump for your application, look out for the following features:


Fire fighting pumps need to be self priming, that is, they can suck the water from the source that is below the level of the pump. All our fire pumps are self priming.

Check out our self-priming ClayTech CLA-2HP15ABS - Twin Stage Engine Driven Fire Pump 6.5HP (808369) as an example.

Tough Design:

Given the extreme temperatures and conditions that firefighters work under, it just makes sense that your fire fighting pump needs to have a tough design protected by robust metal materials. Each part in your pump must be fire, water and heat resistant and not likely to break down. Look for firefighting pumps made from high quality metal components and beware of cheap plastic pumps or plastic elements, as these can cause problems during high high risk situations.

Check out our powerful Onga BM10YE Twin Dual Stage Yanmar Electric Start Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump with stainless steel components.

Reliable Engine:

To avoid system failure you need a high quality, reliable engine to power your firefighting pump. We recommend engines from Honda, Loncin or Briggs & Stratton in petrol, or Yanmar in Diesel. These engines are backed up by extensive testing, manufacturing experience and service networks across Australia and NZ.

Our Onga B65HE Single Stage Honda Electric Start Petrol Engine Fire Pump is powered by a superior Honda engine.


Not all fire fighting pumps are fixed in one place, some need to be designed to be portable and easily moved around. If your application requires mobility then you need to think about the weight and ease of moving your pump. You may want a handheld pump or one attached to a trolley.  Look out for pumps with convenient handles or trolley kits.

Our Bianco BIA-WP15A Engine Driven Compact Portable Fire Pump provides a fantastic solution.

Easy Starting:

An easy starting pump is vital in high stress situations. Look for specially designed easy starting models, whether that's a recoil model, or electric starter, or both. System ignition should be reliable too and require very little maintenance. A high quality brand is your best bet.

Our Davey 5265HE Honda (GX200) Electric Start Twin Stage Fire Fighter Pump 6.5HP covers all requirements.

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