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The DAB ESYBOX is our best selling variable speed pressure booster. Renowned for being a high performance, efficient, compatible, and easy to use a piece of equipment. Being the solution for water boosting in both domestic and light industrial applications, it is known as one of the best self-priming variable frequency drive pressure pumps on the market. 


The DAB ESYBOX includes a default restart pressure differential (RP) of 0.3 bar, a default setpoint (SP) of 3 bars, and a pressure tank with a default pre-charge of 2 bar.


The setpoint is a critical part of the DAB ESYBOX, if altered or restarted, it can cause a negative effect. Resulting in the pressure changing which can lead to the pre-charge of the pressure tank needing to be altered. If this step is not taken, it can include a premature failure of the tank, subsequently damaging the pump due to cycling occurring. This is typically not covered by warranty and can lead to an out-of-pocket fix which can cost you an arm and a leg. 

However, you can avoid this mistake by following the DAB ESYBOX manual, with the formula for calculating the correct pressure tank pre-charge for the DAB-ESYBOX as follows:


Pre-charge (bar) = SP (bar) – RP (bar) - 0.7 bar


  • SP = Set Point (adjustable between 1.0 and 6.0 bar, default 3.0 bar)
  • RP = Restart Pressure Differential (adjustable between 0.1 and 1.0 bar, default 0.3 bar)
  • 7 bar is a constant.

Some examples are shown below


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Inside the technical campartment you can access


Pre-charge instructions:

  1.       Turn the power and water supply off.
  2.       Turn on a tap to drain the tank.
  3.       Set the pre-charge value on the pressure tank as per the DAB ESYBOX formula    

          either by adding air with an air pump or releasing air via the air valve.

  1.       Close the tap.
  2.       Turn the water supply and power on.


For further help regarding DAB ESYBOX’s startup, you can head to Pumps2You’s website for more information. Our company provides high-quality products and services and offers a detailed description for each of the products available on our website. For further help, the Pumps2You team has extensive knowledge and is more than happy to help you with any requests you might have.