How to Make Your Home Water Efficient

When it comes to lowering your carbon footprint and living a greener life, one of the first and most simple steps to take is to reduce your households water consumption. Reducing your water consumption can benefit you on many levels, from a lowered water bill to sustainable outcomes that can help aid our unforgiving climate. 
If you're shopping for Wilo pumps, Brisbane-wide and want to adopt some other water saving methods in your home, read our top 4 ways to make effective change in your home. 

Utilise Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks are one of my most common ways to conserve water in your home. These tanks can be installed in new and established homes, although it's important to consider that only above-ground models will be available for the former. 
A rainwater tank will collect the water that runs off your house to be then used in your home. Depending on the system you've chosen, your tank will supply water to every area of your home or just areas like the bathroom, laundry etc. Installing a rainwater tank will also help combat any flooding risk in your home and help reduce the pressure on surrounding stormwater systems. 

Install a Grey Water System

This option is best for newly built homes or taking on a renovation. A greywater system allows you to store water that would've been lost down the drain. While you can't reuse this water in your home for health concerns, it's instead used for the garden and your toilet. It works similarly to a rainwater tank without a higher level of flirtation. 

Investing in Water Rated Products

When shopping for home appliances, you should be able to see the water and energy efficiency rating displayed clearly on your model. This sticker will consider its water efficiency labelling and standard rating; the higher the rating, the more water-efficient your model will be and the more money you'll save. 

Fix Leaks and Dripping Taps

By tightening and replacing old and dripping taps, you can save your home up to 75 litres per day, which in context is enough to run a load of washing and a full dishwasher once. So fixing your leaky taps is a simple way to save water and money on otherwise wasted water. 

Install Low Flow Attachments

Switching faucets, like showerheads, over to low-flow models will again work to save your water consumption. These faucets and taps are designed to reduce the amount of water wasted when not in use through an innovative design. 
A standard showerhead, for example, uses 15 to 25 litres of water per minute. By switching to an energy-efficient, three-star-rated showerhead, you can cut your hot water usage by around 40%.

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