Best Pump for your Rainwater Tank

While installing a rainwater tank pump seems like a simple method to lower your water consumption, it's a little more complicated than at first glance. While you might think catching water in your tank is the hardest part within this system, without the right tank pump, you'll suffer from inadequate disruption or a lowered water pressure level, which is the last thing you want.

How to Choose the Right Pump for Your Tank

The first step in deciding what pump you need is to determine how powerful your pump needs to be; you need to consider the size of your tank for this. A good domestic pump should deliver at least 20L a minute, around the same rate as a typical household water tap, but it can handle more. 
It's also important to consider that the more water outlets the pump needs to service, the greater its maximum flow rate needs to be.

Types of Pumps

While there's no difference in the power of these two pump types, your installation method will most likely determine the option you choose. 


These pumps sit outside your tank and are often mounted to the ground adjacently. While this makes their maintenance more accessible, it also increases their noise level. If you have an external pump, it's worth using a cover or structure over the top, which will also protect it from the weather. 


These are installed within your tank, meaning their noise level is lowered. These models take up a few more litres within your tank and can be difficult to access for maintenance needs, but this shouldn't be an issue as most pumps require a lowered level of maintenance. 

Features to Look for in Your Rainwater Tank

Automatic On and Off Function

It is always better to choose pumps that turn on or off when using your taps or hose. This is an important feature to utilise if you're connecting your pumps to indoor plumbing.

Run-dry Protection

This feature will ensure that your pump's motor does not get damaged if the rainwater tank is empty for residents in drought-affected regions.

Powerpoint Options

It's always better to opt for a weatherproof point for your pump. If you don't have one near the pump's location, get your electrician to install it for you. 

Multiple Outlets

Choosing a pump with multiple outlets will allow you to connect more than one hose or a hose plus a plumbed-in connection.

The Best Pumping Systems in Australia

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