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A centrifugal pump is one of the most common pumps used in transferring liquid. Its reliance on centrifugal force makes it a cost-efficient alternative to other models. Moreover, its robust design allows it to handle large amounts of liquid without compromising its effectiveness.

It's also this effectiveness that has resulted in different brands developing their own pumps. There are two that are leading the pack. The Davey and Lowara centrifugal pumps have been industry staples for their ability to perform. Choosing from the two will largely depend on your needs.

Here is a comprehensive guide to assist you in selecting a pump.



  • The e-HM™ has a compact close-coupled design which eliminates the need for coupling alignment. This can effectively reduce downtime during operations.
  • Fitted with a hydraulic design, the e-HM™ is designed for high-efficiency performance. This also reduces its mean time between failure, increasing its lifetime.
  • The e-HM™ is available in two configurations: compact and sleeve.
    • Compact - Its single-piece stainless steel pump body is directly connected to the motor flange. It is suitable for sizes 1HM, 3HM, and 5HM to 6HM.
    • Sleeve - It has an external stainless steel sleeve and a separate suction casing, both of which are screwed in the motor flange with steel tie rods. It is suitable for sizes 1HM, 3HM, 5HM to 7HM, 10HM, 15HM, and 22HM.

Lowara pump


  • The ISOspec® adheres to the international standard ISO 2858 for end-suction centrifugal pumps.
  • Fitted with a closed-face design for its bronze impeller, the ISOspec® is resistant to corrosion typical of inactivity.
  • The diameter of the impeller can be trimmed to make sure it fits for better performance.
  • It has a back pull-out design which makes it easy to remove the rotating element. This reduces the downtime caused by routine maintenance.



  • The e-HM™ is a low-energy feed pump that allows you to save at least 43 per cent in operating costs per year.
  • Installation of the Teknospeed will reduce the stress caused by water hammering on the pump components.
  • Its body design and speed control feature effectively reduce the amount of noise caused by water circulation without compromising its effectiveness.


  • The ISOspec® CF series has an enlarged shaft design for shaft deflection. Tapered and keyed, this shaft design makes it easier to lock during operation.
  • The ISOspec® CM series has a stub shaft attached with a muff coupling assembly. It is also tapered and keyed for safer operations.
  • The addition of the Dulux Armourspray® VC Gloss provides ample protection from corrosion and chemicals.


The Lowara e-HM™ is ideal for small to medium residential buildings. Available in different configurations, this centrifugal pump effectively increases your water supply. When configured with the right modifications, it can boost water pressure for small to medium irrigation systems.

The Davey ISOspec® CF and CM series are suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Designed for high-performance, these centrifugal pumps are typically used for general water transfer. From flood irrigation to water treatment, these pumps are better suited for large applications.

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