A Guide to Davey Pumps

Pumps 2 You includes only the most reliable brands in its range of pumping products which is why Davey has become a regular rotation in our lineup.

Davey has spent 88 years manufacturing products for all kinds of water solutions such as pool pumps, chlorinators, controllers, firefighters, and pressure tanks.

After spending much of its history in the domestic pump market, the company has begun branching out into commercial pumping, irrigation, stormwater pumps, and commercial pool markets.

Though their range might be stretched to accommodate new customers, their ability to meet ISO quality and environmental standards has remained. 
Check out some of the highlights of this range on our online store or in this blog and get in touch to learn which pump might suit you.


Davey Weekender Home Pressure System + 8L Pressure Tank

For the smaller home, this 0.33KW, 240V pump is economical and compact, designed to provide constant water pressure when sourcing water from an underground or partially buried tank.

As with many of our pumps, the Weekender can be fitted with an 8-litre pressure accumulator. This is made with a heavy duty butyl diaphragm to ensure potable water health requirements, so your household can put any worries about water quality to rest. 

Davey Submersible Vortex Automatic Pump

Toeing the line between domestic and commercial pumping is this submersible vortex, best suited to septic effluent, greywater, or water transfer applications.

This could be used for small business or large households and farming homes and provides 0.15KW and 240V.

Davey has ensured a long life for this pump by designing it with double mechanical seals in an oil bath. It has also been manufactured from 304 stainless steel for the shaft, motor shell and fasteners, so you know no stone has been left unturned. 

Davey Honda Electric-Start Twin-Stage Fire Fighter Pump

This rugged and economical self priming pump serves to prove that Davey is capable of heavy-duty, high capacity pumps for some intense applications.

It can be used for firefighting, high head general water transfer, sheep jetting, irrigation, and boom spraying.

The Honda GX390 engine has 13 horsepower and a maximum head of 72 metres and represents the height of Davey’s pumping capabilities.

To back it all up, Davey offers a 3-year warranty on the engine and a 1-year warranty on the pump, so you know it’s guaranteed to last. 

Davey’s Quality Control

Davey uses real-world testing conditions to ensure its products stand up against some of the harsh conditions that pumps are exposed to. If it’s good enough for a mine site or a septic tank, it’s good enough for your home.

If it can withstand temperatures up to 50°C and 100% humidity, it will be good enough for your office.

Finally, if it can last more than 500,000 cycles of the assembly line - the equivalent of 10 years of service - it’s good enough for you!

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