Grundfos UPS32-80 180 Hot Water Circulating Pump (95906442)

Grundfos UPS32-80 180 Hot Water Circulating Pump (95906442) - not recommended for hot water supply
SKU: PS4985

The Grundfos UPS32-80 circulator pump comes with a cast iron pump housing, specifically designed for heating systems. For underfloor heating systems, it is advisable to use the stainless steel UPS N, as the pumped liquid may often become aerated, causing an ordinary cast iron pump housing to corrode.

Grundfos UPS 32-80 operates with a single phase supply (240v) and has the option of a three speed control switch. 

Grundfos UPS32-80 model is rated for a maximum system pressure of 10bar (145psi)

Grundfos UPS32-80 Circulators are designed for quick and neat fitting and are completely interchange with previous models, making replacement very easy. 

Pump Primary Features :

  • Three Speed Control Switch
  • Cast Iron Pump Housing
  • Stainless Steel Impeller
  • EPDM O Ring
  • Carbon Axial Bearing
  • Built in thermal switch for motor protection
  • Specification
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