Grundfos SEG.40.12.Ex.2.1.502 Submersible Sewer Grinder Pump 1.2KW 240V (Part No. 96076163)

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Grundfos SEG Submersible Grinder Pump for the transfer of domestic and municipal wastewater
SKU: 96076163

Grundfos SEG PUMP

The SEG pumps are ideal for use in sparsely populated areas where gravity sewage systems are not available. Examples include small villages, farm areas, and areas with difficult topography, such as rocky terrains with large differences in levels, or any other area where a pressurised system offers advantages.

The SEG pumps are designed for use in:

  • industry (industrial wastewater containing fibres)
  • sparsely populated areas (domestic and municipal wastewater)
  • small villages and farms (domestic and municipal wastewater)
  • areas of difficult topography (domestic and municipal wastewater)
  • areas with high groundwater (domestic and municipal wastewater)

  These pumps are designed for submerged use in

  • cable connection to motor via stainless-steel cable plug
  • corrosion-resistant cable entry filled with watertight polyurethane potting compound
  • clamp connection between motor and pump
  • cartridge shaft seal
  • heavy-duty bearings greased for life
  • patented grinder system ensuring extremely high efficiency and reliable operation
  • patented SmartTrim system enabling quick and easy impeller clearance adjustment in order to maintain peak performance
  • thermal switches built into the motor windings providing protection against overheating
  • explosion-proof motors for potentially explosive environments.

CU 100 EF Start Box Auto – P/N 96076195
CU 100 EF Start Box Manual – P/N 96076194

Grundfos SEG Pump with 2 year Warranty
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