Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60 180 Speed Regulated Circulator Pump Cast Iron 240V (Part No. 99411175)

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Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60 180 Speed Regulated Inline Circulator pump for heating and cooling applications.
SKU: PS4988


The ALPHA2 offers the possibility of balancing a domestic heating installation with radiators or floor heating zones using the accessory ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance App.

Liquid temperature: +2°C to +110°C
System pressure: Maximum 10 bar
Supply voltage: 1 x 230 Volt ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, PE
Enclosure class: Suitable for undercover installation (IPX4D)
Version A: Pump housing with air separator chamber - includes insulation shell
Scope of delivery: ALPHA2 plug, gaskets and insulating shell
Unions not included
Pump Body: Cast Iron.

The GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 is suitable for:
  • Systems with constant or varying flows where it is desirable to optimise the pump duty point
  • Systems with a varying flow-pipe temperatures
  • Systems where night setback is required.
Features and benefits
  • Compact design, with control box well integrated into the pump head
  • AUTOADAPT control mode as the default setting, suitable for most applications
  • Integrated differential pressure control (proportional and constant pressure control)
  • Display showing actual power consumption (P1) in Watts
  • Low noise
  • High starting torque
  • Automatic night setback
  • Motor based on permanent-magnet/compact-stator technology
  • Integrated frequency converter
  • Self-venting pump housing.
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