Davey XJ90T Torrium Pressure System

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Domestic Pressure System with Torrium 2 Controller


Davey XJ Home Pressure System with Torrium®2

The XJ Pressure System consists of an XJ pump fitted with a Torrium®2 controller. The Torrium2 is supplied connected electrically to the XJ pump motor for Easy non-tradesmen installation and assembly.
The combination of the high pressures supplied by the jet assisted XJ pump and constant flow control provided by the Torrium2 allows a strong comfortable shower from a pump that does not cycle, plus the reliability of adaptive technology.
The complete Everyday Series Pressure System is compact and quiet providing easy installation (especially where space is at a premium) and non-intrusive operation. All parts of the entire system that are in contact with the water are manufactured from safe, corrosion resistant materials allowing for use on a variety of water qualities.
Compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001.2000 quality standards ensures consistency of quality of the system.
Single stage centrifugal pump with closed vane impeller and jet assist, providing compact design and high pressure performance.
Made from corrosion resistant engineering plastic materials ensures long service life, low maintenance and reliable water quality.
Our high quality, low-drag mechanical shaft seal means a long life and reliable starting.

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