Davey SB25-20 Circulator Pump Bronze Casing with Unions 240V

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Davey domestic hot water circulator pumps

SKU: SB25-20

Davey circulator pumps

Pumps specially designed for the circulation of hot or cold water in heating, air conditioning or cooling systems.
Bronze and stainless steel models also are used to circulate sanitary hot water around the home to ensure that it is readily available quickly at all outlets, thus saving both water and energy.
For domestic and commercial installations such as:
For houses, motels and small apartment buildings
Solar heating circuits
The water runs hot as soon as the tap is opened.
Features and benefits
• Wet rotor, bearings lubricated by pumped liquid gives you quiet operation.
• Rotor chamber protected by sintered bronze filter.
• High capacity built-in capacitor for high starting torque.
• Rotating parts in contact with pumped liquid, made of corrosion resistant materials, to provide maintenance free and long service life.
•Three speed motor with manual selector switch, providing low electrical consumption Common dimensions with most other brands to make retrofitting easier

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