Davey Mukmova Jumbo MM09 Farm Effluent Pump 9.2KW 415V - Contact us for availability

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Ideal for pumping effluent water, or water containing soft solids in suspension - including dairy or piggery waste - the Mukmova pump is robust!

SKU: MM07/3

• Ideal for pumping effluent water or water containing soft solids in suspension
• Semi vortex open vane impeller allows safe pumping of soft solids with little chance of blockage
• Flow rates up to 800 lpm and head up to 45 metres

Features and benefits

  • Solid cast iron casing and impeller for long and reliable service life
  • Mechanical seal is grease packed with grease nipple for easy maintenance and is able to withstand abrasives in the pumped fluid for longer
  • Inspection cover held by two wing nuts make access easy for cleaning and quick clearance adjustments.
  • Choice of 240/ 480-volt single phase and 415 three phase, 50 Hz models making installation possible in most sites with electric power.
  • Davey manufactured TEFC, IP 56 motor is resistant to vermin, dust and jets of water, making them able to be installed in wash down areas safely.
  • Oversized motor used, with ample power reserve makes them more reliable in poor voltage and or high ambient temperature installations and able to pump water with heavy solids without overloading the motor
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