Davey 62303SS Dynaflo 6230 316 Stainless Steel Single Stage Transfer Pump 3KW 415V

111$2,928.20 1111$2,061.00 111$2,061.00

Electric Transfer Pump

for Tank filling, Water supply, Water transfer, Seawater Transfer

SKU: 62303SS
Designed for water transfer and supply, tank filling, garden reticulation and washdown applications. Rugged economical single stage centrifugal pumps, designed for total heads to 41m and flows to 460lpm. The robust motor and pump design can handle frequent starts for a long and reliable service life.

Rugged economical single stage centrifugal pumps. Designed for total head duties to 32 m and flows to 315 lpm. Also avalable with 316SS pump shafts for mildly agressive water pumping. These models have Suffix "S".

  • Every pump is performance and pressure tested in our factory to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Noryl pump casing with metal hoop strengthened inlet and outlet ports is a proven robust pump design for long life.
  • Oring sealed hand tightened priming and drain plugs for easy operation.
  • Davey manufactured IP56-TEFC, 2 pole 2850rpm motor is corrosion resistant and protects against vermin, dust and water.
  • Motor and pump are designed for frequent starts providing a long and reliable working life.


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