Davey DT150KZN-L Submersible Slurry Low Head Sump Pump 15KW 415V - Contact us for availability

111$18,428.20 1111$11,828.00 111$11,828.00
KZN models are heavy duty, top discharge, dewatering pumps designed for very dirty water and farm wastes


KZN Sludge/Slurry sump pump

Corrosion resistant 410 stainless steel shaft and stainless steel shaft sleeve

  • Long service life
  • Impact resistant and long lasting
  • Easily replaceable shaft sleeves save on shaft wear

Multivane, semi-open, wear resistant, high chrome impeller

  • Ability to handle abrasive solid concentrations up to 70% by weight

Pumps have a heavy duty high chrome agitator

  • Keeps the flow chamber and impeller clear by causing the solids to move in suspension, preventing the pump from clogging

Double silicon carbide mechanical seals

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Located in separate oil chamber to protect the motor
  • Added protection of a heavy duty lip seal

Top discharge with a motor water jacket

  • Slimline design reduces the chance of damage to the outlet in transit
  • Allows for pumping within inches of the bottom, without risk of overheating

Hardened ductile iron volute

  • Cast with extra thick walls (300 Brinnell hardness) is twice as abrasive resistant as standard ductile cast iron, which ensures greater durability

Replaceable wear plate

  • Hardened surface on suction side inhibits the occurrence of erosion that could cause a reduction in pump performance

Large open strainer

  • Protects from larger solids entering the pump

Lifting rings For easy lifting and transportation of the pump

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