Davey D42A/B20 Automatic Multistage Drainage Pump 0.6KW 240V (20m Power Lead)

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Davey D42A/B20 Automatic Multistage Drainage Pump High Head & 20M Power Lead

SKU: D42A/B20


  • Double mechanical seal, one in oil bath on motor and extra mechanical seal on pump
    • Superior reliability
    • Long service life
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners
    • Long service life
  • D42A/B & D53A/B have cast 316 stainless steel motor caps and super tough engineered thermo plastic pump casing
    • Outstanding corrosion resistance
    • Long life
  • Centrifugal multistage 2 & 3 impeller designs
    • Higher pressures & increased efficiency
  • Closed vane impellers with long engagement “D” drives
    • Positive operation
    • Long service life
  • D42A & D42M have labyrinth impeller neck rings
    • Maintain pump performance
    • Less susceptible to wear
  • D42A/B & D53A/B have patented independently floating neck rings
    • Outstanding pump performance
    • Long pump life
  • Corrosion resistant hard wearing polycarbonate impellers
    • Long service life
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fine mesh suction strainer with large surface area
    • Prevents blockages of the pump by solids In-built automatic thermal overload
    • Protects the motor in the event of blockage or voltage supply problems
  • HO7RNF oil resistant leads, 10 metres long with 3 pin power plug
    • Easy to connect to power supply
    • Longer life in dirty water
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