Davey 5210YE/HP Yanmar L100N Electric Start Diesel Twin Stage Fire Fighter Pump with Deluxe Frame 10HP - Check with us for availability

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Davey 5210YE/HP Yanmar L100N Diesel Firefighter Pump

SKU: 5210YE/HP

*   Firefighting
*   Tanker to tanker water transfer
*   High head general water transfer
*   Sheep jetting
*   Irrigation
*   Garden Watering
*   Crop Spraying

Rugged, economical single and twin impeller self priming pumps. These units are driven by either a Yanmar L70 or Yanmar L100 diesel engine.

  • Yanmar L100N Diesel Electric Start Twin Stage Firefighter offering high head performance at 3600rpm whilst still operating across the whole curve without overloading the engine
  • 435 cc engine with Deluxe Frame and 3 Way Discharge, 2" inlet & outlet
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