Davey 165S3 Shallow Well Jet Pump with Pressure Switch & 22697 Injector 1.8KW 415V

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Davey 165S3 Shallow Well Jet Pump- 22697 Injector 3Phase 415V

SKU: 165S3
Shallow Well Jet Pumps
  • Rugged single stage jet assisted pump with unique composite casing, fitted with pressure switch
  • Offers versatility with venturi options available to adjust to required duty
  • Designed for high ambient temperatures and extremes in supply voltage, they are ideal for remote areas
  • Suitable for drawing water from depths up to 7.5 metres
  • Kit includes 165S pump, 22697 injector and suction housing
  • Tank & hose kits etc. must be ordered in addition to kits if being used as an automatic pressure system 
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