Davey 125S1T Shallow Well Jet Pump with Torrium2 1.4KW 240V

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Shallow Well Pressure System with Torrium®2

SKU: 125S1T

Rugged reliable single stage centrifugal pumps with inbuilt injectors, driven by Davey's TEFC motor. Pumps fitted with pressure switch for easy conversion to automatic operation. Shallow Well Jet pumps are ideal for supplying high pressure water from?surface or shallow ground water supplies down to 7.5 metres depth for:

  • Water supply
  • Tank filling
  • Stock watering
  • Sprinkler supply
Davey Shallow Well with Torrium2
  • 125S pump, injector kit and Torrium with a maximum flow of 125lpm
  • Ideal for farm water supplies with varying water quality
  • Suitable for drawing water from depths of up to 7.5 metres
  • A combination of high pressure and even flow
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