DAB-ESYTANK Drinking Water Storage for ESYBOX

Net capacity of 480 litres and is suitable for drinking water

E.SYTANK is a drinking water storage tank, designed with integration of the E.SYBOX booster pump system. Complete tank and pump system to boost mains water supply in domestic/ residential and light commercial applications.

E.SYTANK capabilities include:

    • • Catering for the water requirement, if the public distribution main is insufficient.
    • • Compliance with civil water regulations where pumping systems cannot draw directly from the distribution mains. Avoiding the reflux and possible contamination of water back into the distribution mains.
    • • Use as intermediate tanks in tall buildings dividing a pressure boosting system into several areas.
The E.SYTANK and E.SYBOX solution creates a complete pressure boosting system with high-efficiency, allowing:
  • • Notable reduction of required space
  • • Dimensions suitable for passing through cellar door ways
  • • Tank supplied complete with all the accessories for rapid installation
  • • Full integration and simple installation of E.SYBOX
  • • Recyclable Materials
  • • Tank suitable for potable water
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