ClayTech PitBull 15 Submersible Automatic Drainage Pump 0.75KW 240V (807690)

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ClayTech Pitbull 15 - Drainage Pump 0.75kW 170L/Min
SKU: ClayTech PitBull 15


ClayTech PitBull 15 Submersible Automatic Drainage Pump


170 L/min Flow Rate, 15m Max Head, 750 Watt

This durable pump possesses a unique design for Australian waste water treatment systems. Designed for above surface irrigation applications, this pumps runs at a powerful 80LPM at 10M head.
Why This Pump?

The ClayTech PitBull 15 possesses a unique design, conceived specifically for the Australian waste water treatment system. It was designed for above surface irrigation applications where it operates at its ‘best efficiency point’ during normal operation. Most comparable pumps have a maximum head capacity of 11m. This means that they operate towards the top of their curve under normal operating conditions causing a reduction in the pumps service life. The Pitbull, at 10m head is at the centre of its curve, and still produces 80 LPM.

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