Bianco BIA-MULTI34NXTP Surface Mounted Horizontal Multistage Pressure Pump With nXt PRO Pump Controller 0.55KW 240V (808398)

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BIA-MULTI34NXTP - Horizonal Multi Stage Pump with nXt PRO Pump Controller 37m 0.55kW 240V



Bianco Stainless Steel Horizontal Multi Stage Pump with nXt PRO Intelligent 2 mode controller
0.55kW, 0.75hp, 240V, max hd 37m max flow 70L/m, 7 taps
Ports 1" BSPF In, 1" BSPM Out

Suitable for water supply applications with suction wells, water supply and boosting of domestic systems, agricultural and gardening applications.



This pump includes the Bianco iCON nXt PRO series of pump controller.

Designed and tested in Australia to ensure operation in the toughest of environments, combining innovative technology with robust proven architecture to guarantee constant supply of pressurised water when and where you need it the most.

Ideal for pumps supplying clean, non-volatile liquids without fibers or solids in applications such as:

  • Household water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Water transfer
  • Washing systems
  • Pressure boosting


  • Digital display gives you a real time indication of system pressure
  • Anti-cycle Protection
  • Dry run protection with auto restart function that tests for water availability every 24hrs
  • Anti-seize function if pump has not operated for last 24 hours
  • Controller automatically restarts pump after a power failure
  • Easy assembly and removal using push-n-connect fitting with U clip
  • Complies to AS/NZ 4020 drinking water standard
  • Over pressure protection turns pump off when 10 bar is reached
  • Overload protection

Two operational modes:

  • - Mode One - Adjustable cut in pressure setting.
    •              >Controller stops pump when flow drops.
  • - Mode Two - Adjustable cut in and cut out pressure.
    •              >Shut down governed by pressure. Requires pressure tank.

      2 Year Bianco Pumps Warranty


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