When are Centrifugal Pumps Used?

There are a large range of pumps available from suppliers each with their own specific design features and applications. Even specific pump types such as centrifugal pumps have a range of specifically designed pumps that will only run efficiently in very specific settings. 
Today we’ll be expanding on the specific settings when centrifugal pumps, like Lowara centrifugal pumps, should be used to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. 

What is a Centrifugal Pump?

Centrifugal pumps are a form of pump that use an impeller to transport liquids using rotational energy which are typically powered by a motor. Because of their simple design, they’re known for durability and low maintenance, making them a suitable option for a majority of applications.
Centrifugal pumps are known for their high efficiency levels with low power consumption. This operational combination is crucial for applications that have high demands, like in commercial buildings. 

When Should Centrifugal Pumps be Used?

When you need to transport low viscosity fluids in high flow rates, within low pressure installations you should always use a Centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pumps rely on the constant, high speed rotation of its impeller to maintain a constant low flow rate. As higher viscosity fluids require a greater resistance and higher pressure to maintain a specific flow rate a centrifugal pump will create an inefficient flow and operation and cause damage to your system. 

Where are Centrifugal Pumps Used?

Centrifugal pumps are used in numerous applications across varying industries. They’re used in the transport of water as well as other fluid applications like oil and sewage. They’re often used in water supply settings where little to no suction lift is required. They can also be used for flood protection, drainage and irrigation. 
Residentially, centrifugal pumps are used in the pumping of general water supplies, being used as a booster service for homes. They are also used in commercial settings in the operation of fire protection sprinklers and to circulate hot water. 
In industrial settings these pumps are used to transport chemicals, paints, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cellulose, hydrocarbons, food and beverage production and sugar refining.
The mining industry will often use centrifugal pumps as froth pumps, to separate minerals from clay and sand to transport solids and slurries. 

The Best Centrifugal Pumping Systems in Australia

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