The Importance of Pressure Tanks

A rainwater tank pump or pressure pump is essential to your property’s water storage and rainwater tanks. These pumps work at the heart of your tank to push water out of your tank for pressurised water at various tap points in your home. These pumps help ensure that your rainwater is run efficiently and reliably through your pipes with a relevant flow rate. While you can use pump pressurised systems, another reliable option is to install a pressure tank for your water tank. 

How Do Pressure Tanks Work?

Pressure tanks work by using a certain amount of water that can be quickly accessed at different points and taps in your property when needed. 
These tanks are most commonly made from metal or polyethylene plastic with a flexible membrane to separate the two sections. While the top section is filled with compressed air, the bottom half is where the water will be pumped in from your water source, whether a water tank or a natural body of water. 
As water fills this second compartment, it compresses that air in the top chamber, increasing pressure, which in turn compresses the water in the whole system. This creates a constant force that will deliver water instantly to all taps in the property. 
As the pressure tank empties, the compressed air remains under pressure, not needed refilling until it’s almost empty. At this point, your pump will start again and refill the tank with water. 

Pressure Tank Sizes

Pressure tanks come in various sizes, some being small enough to be placed on the pump itself. Although it is important to remember that the bigger your pump is, the better, when we say big, we mean about 35 litres, depending on your usage. 
The pump in your pressure tank system will only be used when water is running low. So the advantage of having a bigger tank on site is that this pump will be used less often, which can affect the maintenance and repair needs of your pumping system. 

Cost Efficiency

An advantage of adding a pressure tank is that it can dramatically improve your rainwater system's functioning. While buying a big tank can be expensive, over time, you’ll find a lower cost for replacements and repairs, as well as having a better functioning system. By using a pressure tank, you’re placing a lowered demand on your pump, extending its life by 300%. 
A pressure tank will also see savings on your power usage due to the ability to use solar panels to power this pressurised pumping system. The pump’s noise is also less disruptive, as it isn’t used as often.

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