Macerator Pumps Making A Better Flow

A macerator pump like the Dab Genix is a type of pump that is connected to your toilet (or can be included in some macerator toilets) which is able to grind up solid waste so it can then be pumped against gravity more effectively. We will generally find them in homes where you have a basement bathroom. The job of the macerator is to make solid waste liquid, as this is much easier to pump from below ground level into an already existing sewage pipe. For bathrooms that are installed below ground, this is an affordable and relatively easy solution to effectively remove solid waste against gravity.

Once a macerator is installed to your toilet when you flush the toilet, waste will pass through the pump instead of moving directly to the outflow pipes. The macerator will detect the level of water inside the unit and then activate the macerating process. This will cause the inlet valve to temporarily close while the blade does its job to convert solid waste into liquid waste. Once the blades have completed their job, the valves will open up again and the liquid will then be pumped into the outflow pipes.

Also note that a macerator can be installed to other plumbing fixtures like showers, baths, dishwasher and washing machines. There is also no need to compromise on your desired location for your utility as a macerator like the Dab Genix can be installed in a room up to 100m away from the main sewage pipe. It is also able to connect to any bathroom fixture that you may need, and it is extremely simple to connect. On average a macerator should be able to last around 10 years. Though this will be affected if the use that you put the macerator is higher than the expected average.

As the technology has progressed over time macerators that used to be noisy and off putting to some people have now come into their own and are relatively silent, as well as having other great features and benefits. For example, the Dab Genix is provided with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Fittings with integrated non-return valves, hose clamps, hose adaptors, ground-fixing screws, anti-vibration rubber nubs, and an illustrated quick guide.

Benefits & Features:

  • Silent and High-performance motor
  • Newly designed macerator Robust, long lasting
  • Anti-Odour system
  • Simplified access to unblock the grinding blades.

With the GENIX silent and high-performance motor, you wont even know it is there. Along with its long lasting robust newly designed macerator and anti-odour system you will wish you had this installed long ago. The pump on the GENIX is powerful and reliable, the grinding system blades come with nickel plated stainless steel, which allows a long lasting and daily maintenance free piece of equipment. When you do need to perform any maintenance for clogs or other objects blocking the motor, it is extremely simple to access as you only need to remove two screws giving you access to the interior, which you are then able to clean easily and rectify any problem that may have causes the pump to not be running at maximum efficiency.

To help understand which macerator will be able to suit your needs will largely depend on a few factors. First of all, will it be installed at your home or will it be at a commercial property? Another thing to note is whether it will be close to the main sewer line and also the amount of waste that will be expected to be moved. While people may say that you should be able to do your own research on this, if you do end up needing extra guidance, our team at Pumps2you will be more than happy to help you identify the right products for your needs.