cylinder pumps

Since 1968 Lowara has been manufacturing pumps in Italy and is, for the most part, accepted as one of the best manufacturers of lowara centrifugal pump in the world. This is, of course, no easy task. However what has stood Lowara apart from the rest of the industry is their willingness to continue to operate under their corporate philosophy which states, to continue to provide daily improvements, which is reflected in the number of profits they reinvest in the research and development departments. Ensuring that they are never resting on what they know, but pushing the boundaries, always trying to find a way to not only better themselves but also better their products for their customers needs.

As is to be expected, Lowara only uses top of the line materials, which include fabricated stainless steel, as well as laser welding technologies. Lowara pumps are made with an added emphasis on being fortified against waterborne contamination and they can stand up to corrosion and toxic chemicals that threaten the pump's internal and external integrity and overall function. They have been specially designed to be able to keep up with the demands in fire fighting situations, irrigation, dewatering process, and pressurisation.

Lowara Centrifugal Pump large

A couple of their more popular models of centrifugal pumps are:


  • FC S 65-200/110/P, with this model some of the features are:
    • Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
    • Can operate liquid between -20 and 140„ƒ
    • The pump body is made from cast iron, the impellers are made from stainless steel or cast iron
    • Weighs 133kg
      • Ideally, this pump would be used in residential and commercial buildings, public utilities, agriculture, aquaculture, mining, oil and gas industry, and throughout the general industry.
    • Lowara FH series Centrifugal pumps:
      • Able to deliver up to 750㎥/h
      • Maximum operating pressure 12 bar.
      • Can operate liquid between -20 to 85„ƒ (FH32 to 80, -30 to 120„ƒ(FH100 to 150)
      • The pump body is made from cast iron, the impellers are made from stainless steel or cast iron (depending on the model chosen), and the adapter is made from cast iron or aluminum.
        • This pump series would be best suited to operating in the following areas, water distribution, heating, ventilation, pressure boosting, irrigation, industrial washing equipment, swimming pools, cooling and chilling, general industry, water treatment, heat recovery, filtration equipment, auxiliary equipment, and fire fighting equipment.

However, regardless of how well made a product may be, one sure-fire way to ensure it does not operate as long as it could is if you neglect its maintenance. Ideally, you would be able to service the equipment at least once a month, either with a visual inspection or if able to conduct a more thorough in-depth maintenance service. As with these kinds of products, if you are unsure of how to correctly and safely conduct any maintenance, always book an appointment with a qualified person to check on your pumps.

Doing this should lead to fewer problems with the equipment and being able to prolong the working life of the device.