Know Your Rainwater Pump Type

Before you dive into buying a rainwater pump, take a minute to review the different pump types so you make the right purchase for your application.

On Demand Pumps

On demand pumps are always pressurised. Built in sensors detect the water pressure level and trigger the pump to turn on automatically. This is a fantastic option if you want a pump you don’t have to think much about. You’ll get instantly pressurised water every time you turn on your water faucet.

Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps need to be plugged into a power outlet when in use and cannot be left to run on their own. These pumps also cannot stop the flow of water; you need to turn the pump off first. Finally, this pump must have water flow while it’s on or else it can overheat.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are any kind of pump (on demand or transfer) that can be located inside your rainwater tank. Its unique design means it will automatically shut off the pump if the water level gets too low, and you get the added benefit of having a pump that is hidden from sight if you are concerned about your property’s looks!

Choose Your Pump in 7 Easy Steps!

  • Determine your top budget 
  • Work out whether you need a transfer pump or on-demand pump
  • Decide if you want your pump inside or outside the tank
  • Determine what flow rate your system will need
  • Determine how much pressure your system need
  • Make note of how much electrical power you have available
  • Talk to Pumps2You about the perfect rainwater pump!


The Best Rainwater Pumps Around

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