Davey Pumps Australia

It comes as no surprise that most (if not all) of us have heard of Davey Pumps Australia. One of Australias most known and highly regarded pump suppliers going around. As most of us know they supply a lot of high quality residential and private pump supplies. But have we considered what they may offer on a commercial front?

With their vast catalog of products to choose from, it can seem confusing at first to what will suit you best for your current or future needs. As they do supply and cater for commercial, farm, industrial, and engineered solutions needs.

One of the more popular products that Davey sells is the ISOSPEC industrial pumps. These pumps are heavy-duty, industrial, centrifugal. They are built in accordance with ISO2858. They are also built so that they are dimensionally and operationally interchangeable with other similar pumps conforming to this standard. And as will all Davey products they are built sturdily, reliably, and long-lasting with high performance.

ISO Water Pump
  • Bronze wear rings; they are fitted as standard, and can also be replaced with the front and rear ring with optional materials.
  • Bronze impeller; they have a closed design which is able to prevent corrosion in inactive or stationary situations.
  • Bearings; Davey uses heavy-duty SKF or other approved equivalent, greased for life, reduced maintenance. They are housed within a removable bearing cap cover assembly. Which is also protected by a quality manufactured lip seal, reducing ingress of moisture or foreign matter.
  • Enlarged shaft; which is able to reduce shaft deflection.
  • Pump casing; high efficiency cast iron volute casings.
  • Tappings; they are provided with convenient suction and discharge pressure gauge tappings plus a volute drain. They come fitted as standard to all ISOspec series pumps.
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With all these features as standard, it is of little wonder that Davey has such a well-regarded name in the industry. However, it isn't just the way they build their products that sets them apart but also how versatile they can be. For instance, the pump mentioned is suitable for the following applications:

  • Water Supply, being able to be used in commercial irrigation, booster situation, municipal water supply, flood irrigation, and general transfer.
  • Industry, cooling tower transfer, refrigeration systems, commercial fountains, condensate recovery, dairy wash down packages.
  • Environmental, dust suppression in mining and quarry applications, fume scrubbers for odour control, water treatment transfer, and filtration.
  • Leisure, water circulation in large aquatic centres, backwash filtration in commercial pools, water features, and commercial fountains.
  • Building services, commercial heating, air conditioning systems, pressure boosting, cooling tower, and fire service applications.
  • Pumped Liquid, nonaggressive and noncombustible liquids, clean low viscous liquids free of fibres or particles.

One thing to note is that the operating conditions of the ISOspec pumps generate a maximum flow of 900/hr, with maximum total heads of 160cm. And the liquid temperature needs to be within -15 to 140. As long as this can be met, then your Davey pumps should have a hassle-free and long operating life.