Better Flow: How Water Pressure Impacts Your Home

Aside from addressing a basic human need, water is used for a multitude of tasks that go make up modern life. From showering to washing dishes, it seems impossible to maintain a house without this precious resource.
When water flow is compromised, it causes unnecessary disruption to the home. This inconvenience can be an indication of a serious structural problem, but what are the main causes of compromised water flow?

Whats causing Your Pressure Problems and How to Fix Them

There are several possible reasons for your water pressure problems. It can range from something superficial to a major pipe issue that needs professional intervention. Taking a methodological approach to it will help you avoid mistakes and misses.


One of the most common reasons for low water pressure is leaks. Damaged water pipes are the cause of this scenario. Small cracks in your piping system can quickly evolve into large breaks. Aside from redirecting water flow away from your taps, when left unattended, leaky pipes can cause structural damage to your home.

Solution: Professional plumbing services are the only option for damaged pipes. Investing in early troubleshooting will prevent expensive repairs in the future.


Older pipes have the disadvantage of corroding from the inside. Over time, the debris here accumulates and creates a clog in your piping system. This will block most, if not all, of the water flow to your taps. Additionally, the debris can contaminate your water supply.
Solution: Much like with leakage, corroded pipes need to be addressed by a professional. You will need to re-pipe your system to remedy this problem. This gives you a cost-efficient and long-lasting solution.

Equipment Failure

repairman fixing pipes

Aside from pipes, low water pressure is caused by faulty equipment. Ineffective parts can hinder water flow. Inspect your system thoroughly to determine the cause of the disruption. Check if your valve is too tight or too loose. Use a water pressure gauge to determine the integrity of your pressure regulator.

Solution: Equipment failure can be remedied on your own. It is only a matter of finding the appropriate replacements to conduct your repairs. Xylem Lowara is a dependable brand for water pressure systems. If you are not confident in your technical skills, you can opt to hire a plumber to do the installation.

Why You Need Better Water Pressure

It may not be obvious, but better water pressure is beneficial for your home. It will make your space more comfortable for you and your family.

  • Better water pressure helps you lower your utility bills. Addressing leaks early on lets you stop any wasteful water consumption.
  • Better water pressure improves how you accomplish everyday chores. You can speed up simple tasks that are often bogged down by low water pressure.
  • Better water pressure prevents your appliances from depreciating too quickly. Low water pressure causes unnecessary strain that can damage appliances.

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