Onga JMW100FL JET Domestic Pump with Water Switch

SKU: PS4371

Onga JMW100FL JET Domestic Pump with Water Switch Onga WaterSwitch is a fantastic new innovative rainwater harvesting product to help you save water around your home. WaterSwitch is designed as an automatic rainwater controller that switches between mains supply and tank water. Onga WaterSwitch, used in conjunction with a Water tank and an ever reliable and reputable Onga Pump, allows a conventional household to re-use rainwater for a variety of everyday tasks. Use rainwater for toilets, washing machines, garden sprinklers, washing the car etc. Each time you use rainwater you’re leaving water in your city’s catchments for use later on. More importantly it also leaves space in your rainwater tank to store more water next time it rains. That’s called Rainwater Harvesting.
FEATURES: The JMM100 is an automatic pressure pump which includes the Minipress. The casing andinternal parts consist of precision moulded components for high efficiency and reliability This is an economical household pressure system incorporating the high performance and reliability features typical of Onga The suction inlet is high on the pump body, enhancing self priming and air handling ability, while the totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor gives years of quiet and reliable operation APPLICATIONS: Automatic domestic water pressure systems High suction lift situations Motor / power: 300W Max. flow: 46 litres / minute Taps: 3 taps Head: 38m Suction hose diameter: 1″ / 25mm Operating Pressure: 140kPa Body Material: Technopolymer Warranty on pump: 2 Years

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