Grundfos Unilift CC 5-A1 Submersible Pump (96280972)

Grundfos Unilift CC pumps are single-stage submersible pumps with a low suction ability down to 3 mm water level.
SKU: PS4971

Grundfos Unilift CC Pump Features and benefits

  • Prevention of backflow - The pump is supplied with an adapter and a non-return valveto prevent backflow through the pump when it stops.
  • Robust design - The materials of the pump ensure excellent corrosionresistance. Furthermore, the CC 7 and 9 have a built in V-ringmechanical shaft seal which offers wear resistanceand a long operating life.
  • Thermal overload protection- The single-phase version is effectively protected against anyaccidental overload, by built-in thermal protection. This meansthat no additional motor protection is required. Auto-restartIn case the motor cuts out due to thermal overload, the motorautomatically starts again when it has cooled to normaltemperature
  • Handy and easily transportable - The light weight of the pump and the carry handle mountedon the housing make it handy and easily transportable.
  • Automatic operation- The pump has a float switch for automatic on/off operationbetween two liquid levels.

  • Grundfos Unilift CC Pump with 2 year Warranty
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