Grundfos SE1. Centrifugal Pump (96102071)

SE1 Non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal pump designed for handling wastewater, process water and unscreened raw sewage.
SKU: PS6176

SE wastewater pump

  • Unique liquid-less motor cooling:
    A solid-block stator housing with built-in cooling conduits makes separate water cooling unnecessary.
  • Unique cable entry:
    Polyurethane-filled, stainless steel plug provides a hermeti-cally sealed cable entry.
  • Unique cartridge shaft seal:
    Primary and secondary mechanical shaft seals are fitted in one easy-to-replace compact cartridge unit.
  • Unique modular design:
    The SEV and SE1 range is designed for maximum flexibility. The quick-detachable motor units are interchangeable and fit both channel-impeller and SuperVortex pumps.
Grundfos SE1 Range Pump with 2 year Warranty
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