Grundfos SB3-45 PM Rain Home Pressure Pump (98096969)

SKU: PS4736

Grundfos SB pump

The Grundfos SB3-45 PM pump is a submersible booster pump Performance designed for the pumping of clean water for domestic and rainwater applications. The SB submersible pump is silent when submerged and therefore a noiseless alternative to surface mounted pumps. The SB pump is built of high quality composite and stainless steel materials that are resistant to corrosion. The SB is ideal for operation in a well or ground tanks, as it easily prevents solid particles from entering the pump. Furthermore, the pump features a flow switch which ensures the user a convenient experience with automatic start/stop operation and dry running protection of the pump.


- Boosting from wells (less than 8 meters) and domestic rainwater 

 Grundfos SB pump Features

  • Noiseless operation The SB pump emits no noise when submerged and is therefore a noiseless alternative to non-submersible pumps.
  • Robust design The SB pump is built of composite and stainless steel materials which are resistant to corrosion.
  • Thermal overload protection The single-phase model is effectively protected against any accidental overload, by built in thermal protection.
  • Dry running protection The SB pump is protected from dry running, by means of the function of the flow switch.
  • Automatic operation The flow switch for the SB pump ensures automatic operation by means of the water level in tank.

Grundfos SB pump with 2 year Warranty

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