Grundfos Liftaway C 40-1 for Grey Wastewater (96003985)

Grundfos Liftaway C 40-1 for Grey Wastewater
SKU: PS4970

Grundfos Grey Wastewater Tank

Grundfos LIFTAWAY is a compact lifting station for grey wastewater. It consists of a tank with all the installation materials required to mount a Grundfos KP Automatic pump with a level switch for automatic start/stop. The pump can be mounted very easily. The discharge can be on the left or the right side of the tank. The tank can be floor- or wall-mounted, and can be connected to a variety of sanitary units. 
An additional adapter is supplied for use with washing machines and dishwashers. The tank is vented via a coal filter.

The LIFTAWAY is designed to pump wastewater without solids from floor drains, wash-basins, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. which cannot be connected directly to the sewer due to lack of a natural downward slope, as is frequently the case in basements with bathrooms, laundry rooms, spa areas, single floor drains before entry doors, etc. The LIFTAWAY can also be installed in renovated attics where the source of wastewater is far away from the drainage stack.

Features and benefits

  • Telescopic, for easy height adjustment
  • Additional telescopic part available to extend the height to 200 mm
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Reversible metal cover – one side an anti-slip sheet and the other a frame for tiles
  • Compact functional design and easy-to-clean white surface
  • Discharge pressure pipe can be connected on left or right
  • For wall or floor mounting
  • Tank vent with active carbon filter and internal overflow protection device.
  • Non-return valve and washing machine adapter included
  • Pressure-tight cover.
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