Grundfos EF pump 30.50.15 415V (96104199)

EF effluent pump - wastewater from private dwellings
SKU: PS6129

The EF AUTOadapt range of pumps is designed for use free-standing or for installation on an auto-coupling system. The pumps are fitted with an integrated three-leg stand that keeps the suction inlet well clear of the pit bottom.
The EF pumps are capable of handling solids of up to 30 mm size, and a rigid or flexible discharge pipe can be mounted on the discharge port.

The pump has a single-vane, semi-open impeller for 30 mm free passage and is suitable for pumping

  • drainage and surface water with small impurities 
  • wastewater with fibres, e.g. from laundries
  • wastewater without discharge from toilets
  • wastewater from commercial buildings without discharge from toilets.
Grundfos EF Range Pump with 2 year Warranty
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