Grundfos UP15-14B PM Domestic Boosting Circulator - 99164484

Domestic Boosting Circulator (was 97916771)
SKU: PS6860

GRUNDFOS COMFORT (PM) circulator pumps come with various pump housing versions and lengths
incorporating isolating and non-return valves or prepared for subsequent fitting of such valves.
The motor can be separated from the pump housing,enabling easy maintenance and replacement.The rotor bearing is self-adjusting and lubricated by the pumped liquid.
The pumps have the following characteristics:
• Parts in contact with the pumped liquid are hermetically separated from the stator by a stainless-steel spherical separator.
• The bearing has no play, and as it has only a single bearing point, it generates very low friction, resulting in reduced power input and noise.

Features :  

Domestic boosting circulation
  • Silent operation sensor 
  • Brass housing operation 
  • Compact design 
  • Temperature sensor- ( A Version only ) 
  • One touch control
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