Davey Weekender Series XP35P8 Home Pressure System


Features and Benefits

  • The combination of the high pressures supplied by the jet assisted XP pump and constant flow control provided by the tank enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of a strong comfortable shower from a pump that does not cycle plus the reliability of adaptive technology.
  • The complete XP Pressure System is compact and quiet providing for: Easy installation, especially where space is at a premium Non-intrusive operation, for consumer enjoyment
  • All parts of the entire system that are in contact with the water are manufactured from safe, corrosion resistant materials for: Consumer confidence that their water supply will be as good coming out as it was going into the system Ability to use the XP pressure system on a variety of water qualities
  • Made from corrosion resistant engineering plastic materials ensuring:- Long service life
  • Low maintenance Reliable water quality
  • High quality, low-drag mechanical shaft seal for long life and reliable starting.
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