Davey G8027/SIC Yanmar Diesel Floodfighter Pump

G8027/SIC Yanmar Recoil Start & Deluxe Frame ,Self Priming Pump
SKU: G8027/SIC
Davey Water Products Pty Ltd

Davey G8027/SIC Yanmar Diesel Floodfighter Pump

Pumping dirty water with some solids Water harvesting

Tanker filling and emptying

Drainage as well as grey or septic water disposal

Diesel engine Solution to shifting large amounts of water Pumps 1000 litres per minute Heavy duty High quality cast iron impeller with large open vanes designed to avoid blockages Mounted in a sturdy powder-coated steel roll frame with anti-vibration mounting for easy transportation Built from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for extra long life

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