Davey Centrifugal Pump CM65160B07/1-20L/sec@ 27 metres total head

Davey ISOspec® Heavy Duty End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

SKU: CM65160B07/1

Davey ISOspec® CF (bareshaft) & CM (motorpump) pumps are large industrial pumps suitable for large scale applications such as commercial irrigation, municipal water supply, commercial fountains, dust suppression, commercial pools, air conditioning systems and the like.

Features and benefits

  • Bronze wear rings: Fitted as standard, replaceable front & rear wear rings with optional materials, for a trouble-free lifecycle.
  • Bronze impeller: In a closed design is fitted as standard to prevent corrosion in stationary or inactive situations
  • Pump Casing: High-efficiency Cast Iron volute casings, with flanges rated to PN1.4MPa (14bar), drilled to AS2129 table E.
  • Casing O-ring: Reusable o-rings in Nitrile for ease of re-assembly.
  • Back pull-out design: Allowing for easy removal of rotating element without disturbing the pipework, lagging, motor or pump volute casing. This is proven to reduce?downtime whilst performing routine maintenance.
  • Enlarged shaft: Reduces shaft deflection
  • Shaft seal: Single, high-quality John Crane or approved equivalent mechanical seal with carbon vs ceramic fitted as standard with other options such as Silicon vs Silicon or high temp also available.
  • Tappings: Convienient suction & discharge pressure gauge tappings plus volute drain, fitted as standard to all ISOspec series pumps.
  • Bearings: Heavy duty SKF or approved equivalent, greased for life, reducing maintenance.? Housed within a removable bearing cap cover assembly, protected by a quality manufactured lip seal reducing ingress of moisture or foriegn matter.
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