SMH450DR, WaterSwitch, Float & BU

SKU: PS4368

SMH Series Multistage pumps are perfect for providing great pressure in a compact package and Onga has an unbeatable range for your home. The cost-effective SMH range provides solutions for the average sized home right up to the largest application. The precision moulded internal components provide highly efficient quiet operation in a household pump that is easy to install. <br>Applications Domestic pressure system (with Presscontrol or pressure switch kit), pressure boosting, water transfer, irrigation and garden supply. <br>FEATURES Stainless steel casing provides strength and superior protection against corrosion and the elements. Precision moulded internals for high performance and durability. Coupled with a Presscontrol or pressure switch kit becomes reliable automatic pressure system. Loss of prime protection when coupled with Presscontrol. Inbuilt thermal overload. Range of models covering most applications. Max. head - 61m. Max. flow - 124lpm

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