Davey 5213BE Briggs and Stratton Electric Start High Powered Twin Stage Self Priming Firefighter Pump

Davey 5213BE Briggs and Stratton Brand Vanguard Engine Firefighter Twin Pro Pump
SKU: 5213BE
Davey Water Products Pty Ltd


Fire fighter Twin Pro Self Priming Pump

Heavy duty wide vane impeller for longer life, improved performance and easier cleaning in the case of blockage.<br>
Twin impeller design provides the versatility of high flow rates with extra strong pressure.

*   Firefighting
*   Tanker to tanker water transfer
*   High head general water transfer
*   Sheep jetting
*   Irrigation
*   Boom spraying
*  Travelling irrigators

Rugged, economical, twin impeller, self priming pump. These units are driven by either a 296cc or 391cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine or a 270cc or 389cc Honda GX/E engine, fitted with an electric start.


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