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DAB Genix

If you are after a reliable compact easy to use macerator that has been designed for maximum efficiency, then the DAB GENIX is the standout choice! GENIX is the new macerator from DAB, designed to provide the maximum level of efficiency in the 3 main moments of its lifecycle:

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Comfort in Use with Low Noise
  • Clean and Simplified Maintenance

GENIX is indispensable when the wastewater coming from toilets, showers, dishwashers or sinks cannot be expelled by gravity. DAB lifting stations can be installed wherever there is the wish to add a toilet or expel grey water during new installations, renovations or new constructions.

GENIX is provided with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Fittings with integrated non-return valves, hose clamps, hose adaptors, ground-fixing screws, anti-vibration rubber nubs, and an illustrated quick guide.

Benefits & Features:

  • Silent and High performance motor
  • Newly designed macerator –Robust, long lasting
  • Anti-Odour system
  • Simplified access to unblock the grinding blades.

With the GENIX silent and high performance motor, you won’t even know it is there. Along with its long lasting robust newly designed macerator and anti odour system you will wish you had this installed long ago. The pump on the GENIX is powerful and reliable, the grinding system blades come with nickel plated stainless steel, which allows a long lasting and daily maintenance free piece of equipment. When you do need to perform any maintenance for clogs or other objects blocking the motor, it is extremely simple to access as you only need to remove two screws giving you access to the interior, which you are then able to clean easily and rectify any problem that may have causes the pump to not be running at maximum efficiency.

The tank itself is made from Barium 15% polypropylene. In the comfort version, it has a soundproof shield in Barium 70% polypropylene. The impeller is made from PPO 30% GF while the motor shaft is made from stainless steel. The motor, like the motor shaft is made from stainless steel with thermal protection to help prevent any overheating, it is also key to note that the motor shaft is water resistant.

If you are purchasing this product for an existing toilet, there are models allowing it to be placed easily behind the toilet, or alternatively, hidden in a shelf due to its compact design. Allowing you to dramatically change the desired function on your waste water removal without any visible change to the current style of the room.

Just remember that wherever you place it, to still allow yourself to have access to be able to remove the two screws if you ever do need to conduct basic maintenance to remove any clogs that may occur.


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